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Behind the Red Veil
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In October 1985, Frank Thoms first ventured into the Gorbachev's Soviet Union. By the time Gorbachev resigned as general secretary, he taught in four schools in three cities, Leningrad, Moscow, and Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. In 1994, he returned, this time to the new Russia to lead a seminar in Yakaterinberg, Siberia, for teachers coming to America. 

He discovered, in his passion to find common ground with Russians, that he did not judge them but learned from them, not to bring America to them but to be an American with them. He taught using Soviet pedagogy but for the most part, his own. He befreinded hundreds of students and teachers. 

His book is lively, provoactive, and personal. The Red Veil is his metphor for how the Communist Party projected itself to its own people, to foriegn visitors, and to the world at large. The writing is crisp, to the point, and honest. The book is an extension of his classroom philosophy, which was centered on being alongside his students, not as a deliverer of information but as a partner in learning with them. 

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Exciting Classrooms: Practical Information for Student Success
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Frank Thoms writes with passion to invite principals and teachers to make changes in their practice that will allow students to succeed. In this book he offers innovative methodologies to encounter today's digitally driven students. Exciting Classrooms is sensitive to the challenges schools face and is relentless in offering approaches to meet these challenges.

Thoms offers readers a robust model for instructional improvement, an inspiritional set of insights, and a pragmatic toolkit of strategies to sharpen pedadgogy and engage learners.  

He sees the teaching process as a joint venture between teacher and student, where the teacher brings learning to the student and, at the same time, brings the student to the learning. This process demands at least as much listening as talking, a new habit that teachers and principals need to learn.

"I enjoyed reading Exciting Classrooms, learned from it, and I am a better teacher because of it."
Dinty Moore, writer and professor at Ohio State University

"Exciting Classrooms is the best book on education I have read. I love how it combines some of the best ideas for really engaging the students. If any teacher embraced the attitudes, approaches, and methods in Frank’s book, she would be catapulted into “master teacher” status more quickly and effectively than she would from reading any other book on education, or just learning by experience." 
                                              Mona Seno, art teacher, Northfield-Mount Hermon School

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Listening Is Learning: Conversations between 20th and 21st Century Teachers
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Listening is Learning: Conversations between 20th and 21st Century Teachers is unique. It is an autobiography of Frank Thoms's fifty-year teaching career written in the third person. He invokes veteran teachers (composites of him) to have conversations with young teachers. His thesis is that the classroom may be the last vestige of hope in society where children can discover the joy of being together without intermediary devices.

Veteran teachers, recognizing the challenges of 21st Century children, offer engaging ideas for revitalizing the face-to-face classroom. A place to learn the value of body language and tone. A place where gestures, animation, eye contact, and voice make for deeper understanding of one another. Human society began with people sitting around campfires having conversations. In his appealing book, Thoms advicates to continue that tradition.
"Thoms has a wonderful way of drawing the reader into the dialogue of his books. It makes the reader want to become part of the conversation. I don't know another writer who does this."
Ursula Boyle, 2nd Grade Teacher 

"In a warm and gentle voice, Thoms offers both emotional wisdom and practical support for new teachers and for veterans thinking about how best to support new teachers. He makes a good argument for collaborative relationships among teachers and between teachers and students."
Hugh Silbaugh, Dean and Teacher, Mount Hermon School
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Teaching from the Middle of the Room: Inviting Students to Learn
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Teaching from the Middle of the Room is written through the eyes of Dan Hilliard. It traces his journey from standup delivery in front talking at students to choosing to engage them, metphorically, from the middle of the room.

In twenty-seven stimulating chapters, readers learn of the myriad of methods that provide stimulating invitations for students to want to learn. It was written before the impact of digital devices in students' lives. Nevertheless it offers ways to bring students into face-to-face learning necessary to counteract the isolation of the digital culture.

"Frank Thoms is a passionate teacher, and his powerful book is all about "stance"––how a teacher places him or herself physically, emotionally, intellectually, and organizationally––with respect to students, knowledge, and learning. Every teacher, from a first-timer to an old hand, will learn much that is practical, and even more that is inspirational, from reading this book."
Robert Fried, The Passionate Teacher

"Frank Thoms draws our attention back to the locus of learning––the synergy between teachers and students. He offers empathetic and passionate teachers the thought tools and practical steps they need to invigorate a collaborative classroom."
Joyce Barnes, education technology editor
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Teaching That Matters: Engaging Minds, Improving Schools
SKU: 978-1-4758-1413-2

Steve Jobs said, "The minute you understand that you can poke life and …something will pop out the other side, that you can change it, you can mold it." Thoms invites teachers to do just that. Take their classrooms and poke the lives of their students and invite them to seize each day in earnest. 

By meeting innovative practitioners who engage students, this intriguing book will help readers shift from traditional classroom practices into exciting alternatives. 

"Teaching That Matters is a delightful concoction of philosophical and psychological reflections and provocations on the art of teaching. Creative teachers will find Frank Thoms's book highly engaging and his practical teaching recommendations enormously useful."
Paul Reville, Harvard Graduate School of Education,
former secretary of education,
Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

"I feel your energy and commitment and can also hear your voice, literally, as I read. Your book feels like a personal conversation rather than a broadcast. Perhaps that is why you were was such a good teacher!"
Ron Stegall, international education advisor

"The chapters are so intriguing. I just want to curl up with my favorite plush blanket and spend the day reading what Frank Thoms had written."
Pamela Penna, educational comnsultant and teacher coach 
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Conversation Classrooms: A Profound Shift from Delivery of Information to Partnership
SKU: 978-1-4758-7139-5

Two-way teaching! Classrooms where students and teacher learn! Converstion is the medium. In converstion everyone listens. Everyone is invited to share. In this short, concise, and practical book, teachers will find a myriad of ways to engage their students––and engage themselves. 
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