Frank Thoms

Teaching That Matters: Engaging Minds, Improving Schools

Teaching That Matters: Engaging Minds, Improving Schools
Engaging Minds, Improving Schools
Published by Rowman & Littlefield
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In Teaching That Matters Thoms presents and ocean of experience-based ideas. They are expressed in settings that invite teachers to want to experiment, to want to investigate new approaches. It asks them to let go of continuing to educate in deadening ways they may have learned when they were in school. Intead, he asks teachers to want teach in classrooms where students will want to learn. Teachers can do no less. 

Thoms, a seasoned teacher himself, offers compelling pictures of teachers who show a better way––a way to learn alongside students, engage them in creative and thoughtful work, and bring liveliness into the classroom. 

An inspirational read for teachers who want to bring new life in their classrom and into their school. 

183 pages | $20.26 USD | 6"x9" | 978-1-4758-1413-2 | January 31, 2020