Frank Thoms


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As I read your book I did plenty of contemplating on the powerfulness of your story. While learning of Russia was ostensibly the main theme of Behind the Red Veil, I would contend the real message within your book was the story of you, of your journey and your insight on your life.  That was paramount.  ~ Rod Copeland

The raw, unfettered honesty in Thoms’s writing is refreshing and welcomed. We need more authors who are unafraid to speak the truth, even if it means exposing their own, to enable us a people to be able to see others as human and not some mysterious force to be afraid of. ~Amazon Customer

You are a brave soul to immerse yourself in a unique culture and connect so well with your peers and students. What an adventure, including jumping on public transportation on your first day to visit friends and families in their homes. ~Lowell MA reader

"Behind the Red Veil" is a delight to read. To read it is to be Thoms' companion on an adventure from the safety of your comfy chair. ~ Kate Arms