Frank Thoms


Jan 11, 2024 by Frank Thoms

Imagining possibilities of the good emerging can give hope. For teachers, a return of understanding that education is about education, not about indoctrination, banning books, excluding people. Americans are better than this. For the war in Ukraine, the persistence and will of a people determined to keep their own, not give in to the Russians, will stay. And the world will resume support. Meanwhile the Russian people deserve our sympathies.

And in my life, I want to reach teachers, more than ever, to bring hope, ideas, and philosophy about classrooms that work for them and their students. I am currently working on three different ideas, perhaps a fourth, one for the general public. Getting them done–-and done well––is my first business. Getting them out is another.

Happy New Year all. Stay the course toward good lives, good schools, and good relations with others.