Frank Thoms

My Hope

Feb 27, 2024 by Frank Thoms

I feel privileged to be able to still be in in the game. I will pursue the writing until I no longer can. I hope to offer solace and inspiration to today’s teachers––and to readers concerned about the fate of schools.

America’s teachers are in crisis. They are being threatened by selfish politicians, angry parents, unruly students, and serious mental health issues. State and federal test demands take way time from teaching. Outmoded textbooks deprive student learning. Curriculum directives deplete teacher initiative. Directives force teachers to become conduits rather than allowing for creativity on behalf of their students. You who are teachers know this more than anyone.

I want to share my twentieth-century teaching practice to today’s teachers. My curricula and methods were my own and not based on the direction of others. Perhaps my ideas and thinking will encourage them. I hope so, but I don’t know.