Frank Thoms

Stepping Off Moscow's Curriculum Train

Jan 07, 2023 by Frank Thoms

I looked around to see their faces. Everyone seemed to be with me. I knew I was asking them think differently about their responsibility as teachers.

To let them know where I was coming from, I continued: “I have been privileged to teach at two of your schools—No 185 and No 169—and visited several others. I have come to know your English curriculum and how your schools function.”

After sharing about my teaching English in those schools, I went on: “I’ve seen eager children wanting to know more about my country. I don’t pretend that our ways are better. But I know that some of your young people are looking to break out of the strictures of your system. I know that some of you are as well.”

Not wanting to overstay my privilege of being invited to address them, I concluded: “I implore you, then, to step off Moscow’s curriculum train and take time to listen to your students. You will be better for it. Each child is a drop of rain. Cherish each drop, love each drop. You should not simply listen to the storm.”

I wonder if the Soviet teachers understood my message?

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