Frank Thoms

Choosing To Be On A Bridge

Jan 21, 2023 by Frank Thoms

When choosing to be on a bridge, we allow ourselves to withhold judgment and see the situation for what it is from the other person’s point of view. We are observers between two cultures, between differing points of view, knowing that there is good and bad in each.

Have you ever seen yourself on a bridge between two differing groups? Have you ever been is position where you choose to withhold your beliefs in listening to another’s? When I in my first Soviet school, I needed to hold back (in today’s jargon) any ‘America First’ notions that I might have had. I was asked countless questions about my country. I tried to share them as facts and not  with braggadocio. I rarely experienced confrontations. I became taken in by the sincerity of the Russian teachers and students I met. I sensed they believed they were coming out of a cocoon over hundreds of years of oppression. At the same time they might not have felt that, but they sure acted as if it were true.

How can we stay centered on the bridge?

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