Frank Thoms

My Oxfordshire Diary

Apr 30, 2023 by Frank Thoms

December 7: It seems the more I become a part of my children the more challenging it is to stay on their wavelengths. I’ve become more conscious of each’s almost infinite variety of potential responses, whereas in a formal setting one tends to be more sure of a child’s needs and predicted behavior; children sense this and act accordingly.

January 27: When telling a child, it is how you tell him, when you tell him, and how much you tell him…

And Barrie’s response: Also, what you tell him––whether it is interesting, appropriate, open ended. These are certainly the principles by which I have taught.

Later in March, I write to myself: I am realizing that I’ve been given a rare gift: to be the teacher I believe I can be and should be, responsible for what he offers and how he responds to his children.

Yes, and what a gift!

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